What I’m seeing

orange copy orange1 copy orange3 copyAll manner of trends from London Fashion Week.  Translating to fabulous floral inspiration which trickles down to the plebs in the burbs (me).  Hey we’re watching.  And paying attention.

Soft muted greys and bold warm oranges.  Macrame. Again big on the catwalks and the florists are asking about plant holders.  But it won’t be withered or overly productive spider plants.  Move Tilandsia, mosses, succulents, cactus.  Today I had a chat about doing a whole cactus wedding. It will happen. And there will be a florist with spine pricked skin.  Maybe this isn’t one that needs promoting?


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And we’re off

jessica jessica2 jessica3 jessica4 jessica5 jessica6 jessica7 jessica8 jessica9 jessica10 jessica11 jessica12Valentine’s day was eight days ago.  Only eight days ago.

Red roses were popular.  No, honestly.  I couldn’t quite believe it.  So after last year’s yellow rose bonanza, nobody wanted yellow this year.  Some guys sucked their teeth at the cost.  But nobody compared us to a supermarket, which surely means we’re doing something right?

There was a student doing work experience.  I do love the questions they ask.  They ask about the ‘designs’, like we have three set ones with no deviation.  Where’s the fun in that?  Imagine making the same thing over and over?  Three stems of this, two stems of that….  No thanks.  I’m from the school of ‘ooohh that looks gorgeous, lets put it with that other gorgeous thing, ohhh pretty’.

And my other favorite question.  ‘How do you know when it’s finished’.  That’s a tough one.  Rule of thumb, you either keep going until you’ve run out of flowers, time, or budget. Some things take minutes to put together. And some take HOURS!

For the floristry students out there, there was no floral foam used in the arch. There really is no need.  This is my new favorite venue.   Lovely people to work with, professional, helpful. Just great.  Other venue’s take note, this is how to do it.

The wedding season has commenced.  My IG feed is full of this weekend’s weddings. Such beauty.  And wondering whether I’ll ever get to see the newly re-furbed Whitworth Art Gallery.  Saturday’s alarm was set for 4.30am.  It was very dark, and very cold.  On the upside, there were peacocks, owls and doves, and Spring is just around the corner. #looksatthesnow

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I wanna be yours

0061 2 3 5

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner

breathing in your dust

I wanna be your Ford Cortina

I will never rust

If you like your coffee hot

let me be your coffee pot

You call the shots

I wanna be yours


It’s going to be all this a more this week.  Steal it, for your own love missive.

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And the Bride carried…

025Bridal Boho Shoot_016Blog Syptych017024022062058006wedding5066038015004002047016034011051005020011005….flarrrs!

The blog is getting pretty full. Lots of posts, lots of images.  Sometimes I remember a bouquet and I’m buggered if I can find it.  So this is obviously a post for me, as opposed to you dear reader.  But feel free to enjoy the beauty.  And you know I look at this and think, blimey HOW?!  How did we manage to do all that work.

And I’m thinking this blog will be a bit rant about Wedding Fairs (Fayres?) . Well not a rant, it’s not as if I ever do them.  Not really. I did one proper one when we first opened to see what it would be like.  Was it our bag.  Hell no!  But it seems to me that everyone in the industry actively dislikes doing them. And the people attending feel like suppliers are about to leap and maybe once they sink their teeth in they will never be able to leave. Or worse, have parted with lots of cold hard cash just to get out.

One lady leant over and whispered consiprationally ‘yours is the only stand I like’.  Although it has to be said it was still a million times better than doing a social housing exhibition.  But there’s only so much chiffon a girl can cope with.

Everyone works so hard. But nobody really likes doing it. Is that just life?

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003 008 Blog SyptychWinter has bitten this week.  Although Manchester has yet to see any significant snow fall.  My instagram feed is full of snowy scenes from florists in New York, Norway, Sheffield or Glasgow. Yeah, diverse I know.  Kids out playing. Cats watching from windows. Salopettes and sledges at the ready.

Just snow!  And stop it with this damp drizzly/sleety nonsense.

As you can see I’m craving warmth.  A warm fire. A hot bath. Heating up full blast.  All of it.  In the meantime one shall to be content with flowers to raise the temperature.  Hot colours.  This week’s new fave, Aloe flowers.  Aren’t they incredible?


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Laugh a minute

002 010Corporate contracts. It sounds really dull doesn’t it?  We send out so much beauty week after week.  I rarely manage to capture any of them.  It’s Monday morning, and it’s all got to get to it’s destination quickly.  Comes in, goes out.  But I took the time this week to capture a couple.  With blossom and quaking grass  My new favourite thing.

In the shop, we’ve transitioned, it’s sort of spring, but not quite. So the amaryllis are still around, but the Iris, Paperwhites, Hyacinths and the first Helebores are popping up.  There’s been a lot of funerals this week.  Florists are tweeting that we need to hold those near and dear close.  It’s good advice.  Go on, give someone a hug, spread the love.

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The greatest luxury

001 002 005005 014 015 016009 016Time.

Time to think.

Time to yourself.

Time to bake. Orange and cardamon baked cheesecake. Because diets don’t work. And why would you choose to start one in January anyhow?  No, eat good food. Like today’s breakfast of organic scrambled eggs, homebaked wholemeal and rye toast with good old British Kippers.  A sort of less conventional spin on smoked salmon and eggs.

The run up to Christmas was utterly exhausting.  So post-Christmas I got to walk on the beach with the family and pooch. Followed by a couple of pints in the pub. One of those old ones with a good fire. A chance to re-charge the old batteries.

Lots of walking. Long walks in the cold. And thoughts of the allotment and what to grow this year.  Have you been watching the Allotment Challenge?  A basket of flowers was one of this week’s challenges.  Anyone who adds scented geranium and peonies is a clear winner in my book.  It’s good when us flowery folk agree.  And nice to see them showing techniques that don’t rely on floral foam.  Extra green points all round.

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