010 Untitled-1 FrankFrank isn’t your average Easter Bunny. But I bet he loves an Easter egg hunt just like the rest of us.

And a little Calla number.   For someone who wanted something a very unweddingy. She loved it.

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Untitled-1 Untitled-2Heads up peeps. It’s nearly Easter.  I still have the Mothering Sunday window up. Think it makes us look local, small scale, a little bit trashy. You know life gets in the way. Busy hustling. And hey did I claim to be perfect?

Open 10-4pm Good Friday, normal hours Saturday and CLOSED Sunday/Monday.

There’s shed’s to be re-roofed, seedlings to plant, weeds to kill and still that plum tree strump. What do you mean, peaceful Easter break?!

Peace to you all – have a fantastic Easter whatever you get up to.

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010 011 Untitled-1Did I mention the London trip?  The one where I got lost and took too many cabs?  The one where I stayed with my friend who works at the House of Commons?  Friends in high places an all that.  Friend’s who don’t mind you turning up for a flying visit and trashing their kitchen in order to create the above?  It was fun.

So I made this stuff.  All British grown, mainly here. Three days after Valentine’s Day.  Who says there aren’t any British flowers available in February.  The best thing about seasonality, of which an awful lot is written these days is this; I’m really fickle. I get bored very easily. So this way I can have a new favourite every week.  Oh is the grass greener over there? you betchya.


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Florists choice

012 Untitled-1 019Don’t you just love this little pink number? * Our love of British Flowers prevails, Ranunculus, Alstro, Tulips pretty huh?

And relax.  Our fourth Mother’s Day. Done. Dusted.

The love was all around.  From my side it was the love of the scaffolding from the outside of the shop being removed two days before.  It was supposed to be a week long job. A month on it was finally finished.

So what stories of the weekend madness?  Well if you have a police car and a riot style (don’t know the technical term for that) police van outside the shop people get worried.  Lots of slightly hushed ‘what are the police here for’.  Flowers obviously.  Scented narcissi to be precise.  Police officers have mum’s too.  Although breaking down after purchasing them not so great.

Other things of note:

People can have karma put out by mixed pink and white lilies.

There’s only so much Queen (Take That, Frank Sinatra) one can listen too before going mad.

Someone will hack your website.

Jaffa cakes, bourbon’s and chocolate animal biscuits can only keep a team of florists going for 5 hours.  After which there is a switch to crisps and hummous.

*rejected for ‘being disappointing and not to your usual standard’   Can’t win em all.


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Tales of the Unexpected

011 036 037 Untitled-1 Untitled-2From the 197os/80s. A tv show with a lady who danced in flames.  Personally I find her movements reminiscent of my teaching style.

How to make a table arrangement?  Think floaty wavy arms swirling and crossing. Different heights and fluid movements.  And tulips that do their own thing. There’s no controlling them and it’s all the more beautiful for it.

No foam.  Step away from the foam.  And feel like you’re just about to drop it. And don’t.  Voila.


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A Little Bit of History

Untitled-1007 009 010repeating.  Manchester’s beautiful round library is due to re-open this weekend.  It’s all very exciting.  The books have been stored in salt mines.  I didn’t even make that up.

And in 1934 the King came to Manchester to open said library.    Wonder what he made of it?  And my dad got this hankie.  He was 10. Now that is a lifetime ago.  We need more commemorative hankies. So our ancestors can open old biscuit tins and contemplate the past.

There’s been too many deaths of late.  I always struggle writing about anything to do with funeral work.  Which is strange really, when you think about it.  It’s part of life.  We should let people know what we want.

This was a happy spring bright and fun number, which reflected the life lived.  Isn’t that lovely?      I’ve just asked my other half what she would like – the first response was ‘depends what season it is’.  Closely followed by ‘it will probably be winter’ and ‘I shall try and die in April/May so I can have camellias and peonies’.  So that’s that sorted out.

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Mother’s Day

002 004007 Untitled-1This year it’s all about  The Great British Bouquet.  It’s seasonal. It’s entirely grown in the UK. And it’s scented.  What’s not to like?

Black iris, tulips, ranunculus, alstromeria, scented narcissi.

Great British Bouquet

Glass vase arrangement £25

Bouquets £30, £40, £50. Call 0161 962 7341.

There will be million other combinations too. Because every woman has her favorite, it might even be worth asking what it is – just a thought!

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