Music Hall Magic

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DSC_0112I will simply say these photos do not do this wedding justice.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Incredible couple too.   The ceremony took place at Ordsall Hall in Manchester.  Stunning place, steeped in history, the house was first recorded in 1177 (that’s a year, not a typo).  And for some reason I always have to ask if it’s ok to bang in a few nails in that Tudor door, just to get a reaction.  The people here are great though.  Pretty laid back, although it was no to nails.

The flower theme was loosely blue and yellow, with a little Scottish thistle, via South Africa with the proteas.  Flower lists were endless, delphiniums, agapanthus, clematis, mimosa, grevillia, olive, eremerus, leucospernum, eryngium, cornflower, ferns, bridal proteas, honesty, jasmine… and for the bride slipper orchids.  It was all about the texture.  To be honest when isn’t it?!

And then off to the Deaf Institute.  Another super cool venue, come music hall with lovely people.  And only a few flights of stairs, several thousand times. On a very hot day.  Florists don’t sweat, they just glow.


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DSC_0099 DSC_0101Sometimes I put flowers together for brides and they conjure up images.  This bride could have modelled for Waterhouse.  Beautiful long red curls, and real joy about choosing her flowers.  So we plumped for peaches, creams and oranges with a shot of blue hydrangea.  With a de-constructed wild very non-roundy-moundy style of bouquet.  I stole the phrase ’roundy-moundy’. But it works perfectly.

In other news I will master this computer and editing of images if it kills me*


*it might.



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DSC_0046siobhanDSC_0048 DSC_0050 DSC_0052 DSC_0053 DSC_0060 siobhan3DSC_0065 DSC_0071DSC_0077DSC_0078DSC_0083DSC_0094siobhan5siobohan4The one where the couple live in Australia.  Well I’ve been liaising with couples from all over the world this summer, from down under, Seoul, the States and then the ones who live round the corner.  I digress.

So literally about four weeks to the wedding the bride asks ‘could you do a green wall’.  Music to my ears.  Something to get the old teeth stuck into and the brain working away.  The answer is always yes.  And then I spends several hours thinking about ‘how’.  There’s always chicken wire and cable ties these days.   It was fun.

At one point a chap asked ‘are you responsible for that in the next room?  Jeepers, I thought we were in serious trouble. Victoria Baths is after all a restoration project.   ‘errr yeah’.  Honest to a tea.  ‘It’s FABULOUS’.  Tell you, that man sure made my day.


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DSC_0032 DSC_0033 DSC_0038 DSC_0041 DSC_0043


The scented one.  Oh my, the scent on this one.  Intoxicating.  It started with the sweet peas, and mixed with the herbs, sage and rosemary in the staircase design, wow!

Every time I mentioned that I was using scaffolding planks and pieces of slate people looked at me like I’d gone mad.  My view is if you have a venue that’s industrial (or whatever feature it has that makes it unique), run with it.  This was a very stark room, with elements of scaffolding poles to make benches and the like.  And then you just kinda pretty it up.  In a mono way.  Keep it simple.  Loved it.

On the growing front, an order has been placed for what I can only describe as truly delicious (obvs not for consumption) La Belle Epoque tulip.  It’s the new Café Au Lait.  Just saying.  Got to keep ahead of at that curve at all times.  Goalposts are movable.


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We’re on the move


September, and time for a change.  I’ve spent a long time looking at the business and thinking about what works, and what can we change.  What do I really love doing and can I make it better.  So, I’ve made the decision to operate from a studio and focus solely on weddings and larger scale events.  To this end, there will be no retail side to the business as of 1 October.

It’s been getting increasingly harder to deliver on our events side, with over 50 events a year.  It also means more focus on home grown, the chance to grow some interesting varieties, the sort of stuff that makes our work look that little bit different and stand out from the crowd.  And most importantly, the chance to breathe and think, be inspired, take in what the world has to offer. Be creative, be more creative.

It’s been so quiet on the blog.  The August wedding season is phenomenal. So much beauty to bring. Lots of large scale events and mixed with a computer that simply died.  Not a bit, COMPLETELY.  Black screen and a cursor.  I’m praying for a miracle, the miracle of recovered images.  Fingers crossed.

August also saw us win an award.  Yay!  Silver Gilt no less, for our window design for LK Bennett at Dig the City back at the start of the month.  It seems such a long time ago.  Playing catch up, big time.


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002 012 017 019 021 Blog Syptych1035 039 040 044 Blog Syptych2 Blog Syptych3Thing I learnt last week:

The M6 is not fit for purpose. The end.

There are 2,000 people prepared to do a 100k ultra marathon. I know two of them.

There is a cheese room in a Cotswold farm shop that smells so strong some people have to leave. I was not one of them.

There is a complete ‘pretty’ overload in that part of the world.  With iron plant pots four feet high. Trailing wisteria, wild scabious meadows and ten feet high hollyhocks.  Simply beautiful. And a trip to Hidcote.  More plants bought, and the challenge of where to put them? The garden is looking somewhat tired scruffy, grass as high as an elephant’s eye. You get the gist.  And I now get a new challenge of clipping a hawthorn hedge. Only took ten years to grow it, and now it won’t stop.  The moral of this is ‘be careful what you wish for’.


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Wild things

001 1 013 015033 019037039 024the one where a gazebo blew away. On the plus side we used one of the broken poles and hung beer bottles from it. Waste not want not.

Saturday morning was strange, the end of the heatwave.  Heavily shrouded in mist I had promised great views.  There was nothing to see. Just grey drizzle. It felt like a tent in a mysterious field surrounded by who know’s what?  But, as time wore on the mists lifted to reveal the most glorious views of the Peak District.

And I got to use lots of home grown beauty too. The very first of the aubergine coloured cornflowers, lavender, sedum, nigella seed heads, sweet peas and a couple of things I have no recollection of planting, but they fit with the theme.  Tent poles were draped with ferns, foliages and limonium to soften everything.

You really can’t beat an outdoorsy rustic farm wedding. Well maybe if Belle and Sebastian came along and made everyone sing and dance that would ice my cake.  Yes, Glastonbury. Did you see it?  Having a bad day? Watch it, and see if you don’t want to get up and dance.

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