Royal Wedding Florist

I haven’t as yet received a phone call from the Palace as a Royal Wedding Florist, I was wondering if the phone were to ring what the requests would be? maybe a simple hand tied bouquet? similar to another fairytale Princess Grace Kelly. I would imagine they would choose British seasonal flowers such as; lily of the valley and freesia, I’m sure Kate Middleton would look fantastic in whatever she choose’s for her big day.
If I was booked as a Wedding Florist for the Royals it would be quite pressurised, but also very rewarding seeing your finished work at such a high profile event, not dissimilar to my own forthcoming bookings. I am currently preparing for a wedding this weekend in Manchester where I am preparing a traditional bouquet for the bride which will include calla lily’s, white roses, freesia and ornithogalum and the button holes it will be white avalanche roses.

If the phone was to ring for a Royal Wedding Florist, I doubt I would be able to fit them in as I’m getting increasingly busy as the Wedding season picks up, I’ve recently had an enquiry for an August wedding in Manchester city centre, the wedding is taking place at Manchester Town Hall with the reception at the Midland hotel. I have worked a number of times in the centre of Manchester, this always comes with it’s own challenges, I wonder whether the Royal Wedding Florist has a parking space reserved at the Palace?


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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