Mum’s the word

Blimey that was some weekend!

If you’ve never heard of me (highly likely) I’ll expain.  I’m a manchester based florist and as I only set up Fletcher & Foley in December, every key period (Christmas, Valentine’s and Mothering Sunday) is a challenge.   But wowser I really didn’t quite anticipate that demand for our flowers would be so high.  So I’m now sat here feeling like I’ve finished some endurance task – though not quite like the time I went to Daytona and puked because of the fumes but that’s another story.

The mum’s of Sale Moor, Manchester must be amongst the most treasured.  And the bouquets looked pretty awesome.  Our English range of flowers went down a treat, creamy silver chimes narcissus, minature anemoes in the deepest jewel shades, soft crown like astrantias mixed with ranunculas gave that country garden touch of pink rather than a Barbie-fest!

Everyone in the team ran around like crazy trying to cope with demand, and I think everyone did a sterling job. Big pat on the back for Jane and Francesca.




About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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