Jam and jerusalem

Lambs ears and delphinium heart

Buttonholes – can someone from Lancashire really wear a white rose? The debate rages over the email with a client who to all intents and purposes seems sane.  Clearly I reserve judgement.   So when in doubt go for something completely weird – see above.  Cute no?

Nobody puts the wallflower in the corner

Time to do a bit of sowing, not to be confused with sewing.  Personally my planting skills are better than my dressmaking – ask my needlework teacher.  By the time I’d finished making a skirt I couldn’t fit into it.  Wallflowers rock, so do white foxgloves.  Totally resisting the urge to guerilla garden through Trafford Park – but if it suddenly starts sprouting foxgloves….

The Jammy Bible

Awsome book – really really. It might look a bit….WI, well it is, and that’s no bad thing.  It’s just full of great recipes.  Checked out the redcurrant entries – not sure why I’m even growing them – they look nice as a garnish but I haven’t quite grasped what to do with them other than plonk them on a cheesecake.  This book will tell me.

Salvia tubs

Salvia and achillea – picked up these little tubs this morning.  Filled them with the aforementioned (can you tell I worked for a law firm?  check out that word).  Will refrain from using those other cuddly feely words like herein, vis a vis, without prejudice…  Ah takes me back to a time …a wild party time.. with Twister.
Enjoy your evening.
PS.  Note to Bob the Builder – it’s not a weirdy shop – its a very nice one thank you.

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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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