Losing the plot

not literally.  I’ve not been asked to vacate because of weed intrusion.  No, but it may be suggested that J has lost the plot when our neighbours see our very fancy arhes that now lead a path through the plot.    Looking prettier by the day.

Jammy dodger

Harvest time – between two people – errr a jam making session will commence shortly.

Summer minestrone

Scrumptous summer soup:

Stock, broad beans (some shelled if you can be bothered), peas, courgette (as the season moves on the quantity will increase), onion, small bits of pasta (I used bashed up penne), salad potatoes, chicken (optional), fresh basil, and two teaspoons of pesto with a grating of parmesan to finish.  And never ever to contain bacon which is just the devil’s work in my book.

Plain Scones

a strawberry needs a scone like… the News of the World needed ethics!  oops that should have read ‘needed’ past tense.

Quick jam

Ran out of time to make jam – and the co-op didn’t sell jam sugar so a bit of a double whamy.  Strawberries pinged in the microwave for two minutes sprinkled with sugar.  You’re left with lots of syrup and the scone is a syrup sucker.

Rose tinted

Rose Tinted

And back to work…you know I just love this job – today’s purchase.  Can you feel the romance?

One last thing – bizarre photo of the day.   Create your own pop socks at home with the use of a mesh garden table and a bit of sunshine!

Happy Monday’s.

Naked Skin


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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