Does size matter?

English flowers

The conversation went a bit like this:  “I need something small, its got to look good on a table in a restaurant and travel to London too.”

Me:  Have you ever considered a sweet jar madam.  Lets fill it with lots of english blooms, dahlias, phlox, agapanthus, crocosmia and maybe even a cornflower or two.

Customer:  Perfect, how do I pay.

Sweetness – my weakness

Few people ask for something small.  What’s the obsession with size?  Does it matter? Personally I think it’s what you do with it that counts – and this is small and perfectly formed – but I would say that wouldn’t I.

Liberty Print

J’s dressmaking is coming along nicely and you can’t fail to be inspired by Liberty’s fabric.  Pretty.  Great for an alternative 1950s style bridesmaid dress – it’d make your wedding that bit more…individual.

Pacific Blue

One of my bride’s hails from Finland – she totally gets floral art.  Said if she was at home she’d be stripping the bark from the silver birch.  How cool would that be – anyway, she’s in Manchester and she might get arrested if she a) could find a few birch tress and b) attempted to remove the bark.  Instead we’re going for mismatched silverwear and deep aubergine and candy pink dahlias.  This little dish was a great find, but sadly not 17th century silverware.

They were seriously hungry!

People like to leave little presents in the trees and plants outside the shop – usually sweets, orange gummy bears (and yes little one I know who you are, you cheeky wipper snapper). Today’s little offering was clearly from the hungriest person on the planet (or they work in an office).  Wonder if they remembered what they were going for and ended up with prawn salad on hungarian rye instead?

Today I’m listening to Jack Johnson – pretend like it’s the weekend and make banana pancakes.  Enjoy!


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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