You’ve been framed

had fun making this framework this afternoon.  Always think we should sell these at Valentine’s but then just get snowed under and it doesn’t happen.  Red roses, my fave, I defy anyone to dislike them, all soft and velvety.  OK, I’ll concede, there are some crappy supermarket tichy red roses that perhaps wouldn’t make it into the shop for reasons of taste.

Rose framework design

A few chirpy gerberra and freesia for scent.  Oh and not forgetting the clematis trails to give it a bit more of a free flowing look.

Noticed its still freezing?  There was a distinct lack of flip flops on my shopping expedition to find good quality wool.  No shorts, topless wonders (men obviously) or wholly unsuitable clothing for shopping – maybe there is something to thankful for.

Feel the warmth already?!

If it’s this cold now, what’s it going to be like this winter?  With these thoughts I checked out the Rowan catalogue found a number I liked and hey presto…four months down the line I may even have a jumper.

Thank you little sheep

Hoping for this – time will tell.  Suitably non-manmade-fibres-stepaway-from-the-naked-flame fleece look.  Undyed too, I did wonder why it only came in shades of grey, browny-grey and paler greyish.  Can you tell I don’t work for Farrow and Ball?!

Working on the cap.


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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