Smile you’re beautiful

1. headline – graffiti chalked on the wall Lloyd St, Manchester – to greet me for morning coffee. Always black, always small.

2. Vibernum – bit autmnal – got far too excited about these.

3. Colour a go-go – but the bride doesn’t like them. so the hunt continues for the perfect shade – which doesn’t excist – they’re flowers, not tins of paint or pantones.

4. our nod to the Proms – doesn’t every shop have a trombone with orchids spilling forth? No?  Well they should.

5. I had to look up the name of this flower – seriously had a memory laspe – sometimes I forget my own name, maybe its all those years of hard partying, drug taking and fast living.  Or maybe its because its Thursday?

6. Celebrating the light and the dark.  Also playing with gladioli buttonholes for those who fancy something superfly and blousy.

7. what do with the homegrown spinach, and a tub of ricotta – tart with smoked salmon.  Dinner with sugarsnaps and leftover lunch.

Fave book of the day – The Art of the Tart by Tamsin Day Lewis.  Try not to read it, she waffles, but the recipes rock.

Fave sight of the day – the man in the fez.  I have no photo – I was in the toot.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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