The magic numbers

3 is the magic number – wonder why?  Who came up with that?  And why is three a crowd?

3 weddings in two days – guaranteed to make you go a little crazy and pyjama/duvet/sleep cravings aside I got to visit some rather lovely places.

Off road driving – who needs four wheel drive.  Who needs the vast quantity of buckets filled with water and arrangements to stay put? It’s a challenge to have a mini lake in the back – all part of the fun.  Oh and worth mentioning that high up, you really need a cardy and not a floaty skirt that keeps lifting up and a linen top that the wind whips through.

There’s only two of these hand made marquees in the country – so I was told this morning by a very nice groom – not the type that tends horses, the marrying kind.

Awaiting table linen and final dressing – but you get the idea.

They really really wanted sunflowers – I think they’ll be very happy.

And finally, the billy no-mates of the bridal bouquet – gladioli.  Yep, those giant spires that are a bit like marmite.  But these little beauties are….well little beauties.  Mini gladioli – they fly out of the shop – but no-one ever asks for them and no-one ever mentions them for a wedding – so I am.  You heard it here first – next big trend, trust me I’m a florist.  Enjoy your weeding (yes I’m in need of sleep, that should read weekend).


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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