Summer of love – part 2


Glorious globes, and simple elegance.  Trials and tribulations – when cut they make the water turn orange, like they’re partial to a glass of iron bru.  The white ones are worse, smells like you’re in an onion factory….if such a thing exists which I doubt it does.

Top table – wonder what was on the menu?


All white.  Gorgeous scent too.  Freesia is a marvel for that.

Jam jars, useful for so many things – love to keep bouquets in them with a bit of wet tissue.  Keeps them super fresh and happy.

Pippa Middleton inspired hairslide

Very pretty, not an ounce of twee.  And took forever to make – but worth the effort.  Nat has very dark glossy hair, just perfect for this.


Cake topper

Hint of herbage – for the groom.  Rosemary, sage and freesia – scentastic.

OK you know I have to have the van in all wedding blogs – it’s the law – honest.  Do you like the little lanterns dangling from the marquee?  They had them all across the ceiling inside too and few chandeliers – fancy huh.  And a basket of flip flops for those with sore feet after all that dancing – men really shouldn’t wear such ridiculous footwear – but you can’t preach.

Gooseberries and plums

And here’s your Sunday treat – a gooseberry and plum crumble in the making.  Crumble with nuts – again the law, and with custard – can be tinned, doesn’t have to be super fancy stuff with vanilla bits.  Sadly I was last minute and ended up with low fat – suppose if I add enough butter, nuts and sugar I can handle the filthy skinny version.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, I’m off to watch Juno….again.  Thanks TV schedulers.




About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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