Roses are red

They sure are – I’m often asked what my favourite flower is…depends on the day, mood, what’s seasonal….oh I’m fickle, but I think if push came to shove and I had to pick one it would be a red rose.  Maybe its the Lancashire connection?  Maybe not!

Lush. No other word, well velvety.  Black Bacarra roses, with a hint of mokara orchid – slightly unusual for a summery wedding I’ll give you that.  Bold and beautiful.  Chosen by a strong woman who knew what she wanted – can you tell I had these in my wedding bouquet?

And for the little flower girl a gorgeous ivory headband.

It was clearly a  week for red in the shop.

Conversation went like this:  I need a bouquet for a ruby wedding anniversary, they’re colour blind and they like a bit quirky.

Me:  Leave it with me.  Ten minutes research later (that means I spoke to J, font of all knowledge) and apparently colour blind folk see green as a bit browny sludge – you know those holidays with great rolling hills and fabulous scenary? they must be serious dull.  So avoiding anything green F created this little pearler – our operators are waiting on your call should you wish to purchase for colour blind friends/family.The great garlic harvest of 2011 – ok, you rumbled me, not so great, but better than the bloody onions.  Love the shadows on the wall – love the plate too – every kitchen needs a chicken plate, no?  It’s french.  That’s all I know about it, J brought it when we set up home.  I brought my wit and charm.  Have a great week – Monday is but a distant memory.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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