Berry nice

First of the season’s blackberries and apples.  The tree is groaning with fruit, so I invited a tall friend, her tall husband and tall children over to pick fruit.  Actually the kids are ‘tall for their age’ not actually giant kids.  They brought ginger cake.  They can come again.

Fat free.  Maybe not.  Super fatty, super yummy.

Had a lump of talegio cheese.  Lacked imagination. Consulted Nigella – she had gorgonzolla and pine nuts.  I had talegio and thyme.  She had two teaspoons of salt – I wanted to maintain normal sodium levels and normal blood pressure so plumped for one.  Salsa made of courgette (told you it was that time again), tomato, basil and spring onion – one of those giant organic crazy sized onions.  Wondered about putting in my first ever home grown cucumber but thought it could do with a few more days on the vine.  It has scary black nobbly bits – a photo will be posted soon.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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