Happy Eater

Le Chat Noir. It’s a bit of a stunner – and no I’m not going to eat it. But if I could I think it would make a very exciting main.

Always talking about the plot – so here’s a few pics. The seasons roll on, the broad beans have gone, peas were pulled up and plums are taken away in hessian bags with very strong handles.  Courgettes continue to line the fridge.  And the sedum is starting to blush.

Consulted the font of all knowledge on veg cooking – Nigel Slater.  He had apricots and pistachio nuts – I had sultantas and was nutless.  Bread crumbs care of K who popped into the shop with a loaf of artisan bread that resembled clouds.  Parmesan, thyme, onion. Slightly stuffed, lightly sprinkled.

Roasted veg – now bottled in oil, and ready to grace a pizza in the winter when the thought of a courgette or pepper seems like a distant  past.

A little like the libraries, the cucumber was cut.

A friend suggested that if people were rioting on a Sunday evening when would they do their ironing?  Suggestions on a postcard.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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