The great…


tomato harvest 2011 – the year of two summers. One in April and the other, the last week in September.  Best ignore all those lovely recipes that call for gluts of the soft red fruit.  Enough for sandwich, and thanks to a late bit of sunshine, a few more to ripen.  Hardly a Mediterranean diet though.

Why does my work space always look like this?  Slightly dead plant, check. Scizzors, pot tape, stem tex, check.  1977 encyclopedia, check.  Thought’s of the old lady, Mrs Shummacker (sp?) in Dirty Dancing….’such junk’.  Note to self repress the need to quote dialogue from Dirty Dancing it makes one sound like a geek.

And finally, in true geek style – something I’m working on for Halloween.  This is stage 27, originally a polystyrene wedding cake hat worn at a Pride festival to make a point.  Didn’t have me down as the political type eh?    For this year’s window I’m thinking of New England in the fall, mixed with something a little more sinister.  Now where can I get a little taxidermy from?


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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