Not quite Thomas

different type of engine all together. But to arrive on one of these on your wedding day would be something wouldn’t it?  Oh you’re wondering what’s with the number 56?  Geekdom strikes again, don’t you just love that font?  Doesn’t it just say…working men’s club circa 1972? or maybe chicken in a basket? either way I loved it.

It just feels like the circus came to town on the most gorgeous day of the year.  And brought an ashtray from that same working men’s club? For those too young to remember, ashtrays were something to be found in every venue, in every pub, club and probably hopsital depending on what year you were living in – yukkedy yuk.

Oh and found this on the camera – our display at our first ever wedding fair.  It was a marmite affair, you either loved what we did or just kept on walking to the sparkly stall. We even had a laptop with lots of pictures for people to see, and not quite enough battery for everyone to see it.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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