All Good Things

alas must come to an end.

when your beans begin to look like a leggy model complete with yellow blonde hair (leaves) you know they need pulling up. Yet still clinging on, me not the plant, in the hope of a little more.  Use the beans and not the pods, fabulous colours, barbie beans.  And the last of the dahlia’s – they gave a good show, but time for frosts, and fires, toffee apples and sparklers – soon, very soon.

And then new beginnings. Brides’s who pop in with two days notice. No planning, they just want something pink and plummy, if you can!

And ladies and bicycles wondering how to balance amaryllis on the handle bars (with difficulty and string).  And men in high vis jackets and more bicycles with rucksacks filled with blooms.  It’s a look.

More blogs to follow – been having tinterweb trouble – should we ever switch providers?  Who know’s.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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