Mum’s Rock

Antique Rose

Bold and Beautiful

They sure do.  And nowt to do with Blackpool.

But they don’t all like the same stuff.  Two designs.  Antique Rose and Bold and Beautiful. Take your pick*

Small £25, Medium £35, Large £45

The shop will be packed to the rafters with all things floral – and a few stressed florists too.  You know how it works – call 0161 962 7341. And tell us something nice about your mum.  Does she rock?  Is she 92? Are you turning into her the older you get?!

*or go off piste.

Antique Rose contains: Romantic Pepita roses, amaranthus, parrot tulips, astrantia, scented freesia, narcissi and hyacinths.

Bold and Beautiful contains: Psittocorum, Ginger Lilies, Leucospernum, Orchids.

Individual blooms may vary.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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