Meet the team

Cups say a lot about a person. Which one is mine? Can you spot Francesca, Jane or Bec?  The team worked their socks off this weekend. They were amazing.

Not all glamour, pretty pretty mixed with overflowing dustbins and sugar rushes.

Things I learnt.  75 people will call in unannounced and demand at least one bouquet each, many want two and few three. They were given cards ‘just in case they wanted to pre-order next year’.

No deliveries outside the local area.  It’s a new law for Mothering Sunday, Valentine’s and Christmas.

The rose above is a beauty, Granada. I love its imperfections – other’s like to say it’s dead. And sit in a car refusing to come in and pick something else themselves. It’s not a crime to say you don’t like something. Just don’t insult us.

Other things we learnt – people don’t unwrap their bouquets. There’s a whole other blog on that to follow. And insulation tape stuck to the window to read ‘Mum’s Rock’ leaves lots of glue stuck to the window.  Note to self – never again.

Lastly after working too many hours, I am seriously grumpy. So I can’t be let lose with customers so won’t be in the shop tomorrow.  It’s best for all of us.

Did you have a good Mother’s Day? Did you get spoilt? Did you have fun? Did you encounter a grumpy florist?  Tell me about your weekend.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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