Cats and dogs

best laid plans…

and then it rains cats and dogs… and swans. Break a man’s arm you know.

Succulents, the main attraction.  My new best friends.  And letterpress lady, also my new best friend. Associating myself with all things fabulous.

So, it was a sunny outdoor photo shoot. Next to the lake with a stunning bride in a floaty white number. And an ice cream trike and a million other things (next blog).

Garlands swinging (what do you mean they’re supposed to simply adorn?) in the gale force winds and hydrangea rolling towards the lake. There was even birds in cages – a novel concept I appreciate. They fell over too, in the wind. Unharmed, but probably shivering.  A perfect day to be wearing a 1950s style frock, no?

Met some lovely gals and guys and well we’re nothing if not versatile. We went in the barn, in the warmth and ate pastries.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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