Brides to be…

Today we have guest bloggers.  The uber talented Sal and Eve from Pouting in Peep Toes So, settle down and take note.

Time to take a look at this seasons hair and make up trends!

Pouting In Peep-Toes are thrilled that retro and vintage fashion is very current at the moment as we get lots of requests for these types of looks and of course this is what we love to do!  The beautiful and classic looks from the vintage decades are absolutely timeless and we will always love wearing, and recreating them.

There are many ways of creating vintage hair and make up looks, but depending on which decades you are taking inspiration from,  makes all the difference in the results achieved.

For your make up…bold red lips with a retro vibe are all the rage this season, but if you’re not a red lippy wearer try brights such as plums, corals or pinks. If you wouldn’t dare to wear a vivid bright on your lips for your big day, take a look at Georgio Armani’s sheer lipsticks, as they not only have beautiful colours, but a sheer finish which will compliment a softer make up look perfectly.

Black liquid/gel liner is also one of our favourite products to use when recreating retro make up looks, but can vary greatly depending on how striking or soft the required look is. Black liner along the lash line gives definition and shape to the eyes, but can take it much thicker and wing it out for a cat-eye effect.  And, to finish load up those lashes with black mascara.

It’s all about taking ideas and inspiration from the trends of the season. We then love to tailor our Bride’s hair and make up look to suit their style and compliment the wedding beautifully.

For your hair…retro-vintage looks are at the height of this seasons trends no matter what the length of your hair.  If you’re going for soft and romantic look for example, soft waves (which are also great for short hair) pinned up with fresh flowers look beautiful…and for those who like a more distinctive/classic look for example, deep wavy curls, finger waves, pin curls, beehive, rolls will compliment a retro make up look flawlessly.

For your icing on the cake…To set off your beautifully styled vintage hair, we recommend that you carefully choose your hair accessories.

There is so much to choose from whether it be a cage veil, headband, embellished comb or feathers.  So taking the time to find the head piece that’s just right will perfect your look!


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