Talk Talk

Today’s question. Do delivery drivers go to ‘special’ communication school?

The type of school that tells them to walk into a shop and shout ‘Eight boxes’. Simply that.  No more, no less. So here’s a new lesson for all delivery drivers.  The conversation will go like this.

‘Good morning (it may even be afternoon or evening), I have a delivery addressed to Ms Fletcher, from X.’  X will obviously change, and cannnot simply be used for every delivery, it may be from a company.  The response will be as follows ‘Thank you kind sir, could you please put those eight boxes in the storeroom.  And would you like me to sign for them?’*

Things learnt this week.

1. Brits put beach towels on sun loungers.

2. Brits get grumpy and positively hostile if they are removed.

3.  Some people do not understand the concept of ‘too much sun’

4. Everyone in the world knows of a little book called ’50 Shades of Grey’

5. 20 somethings are horrified their parents may be reading said book.

6. I have no intentions of reading said book and have opted for this.

*or dump them wherever you choose.



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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