The End

The wedding came at the end. Or maybe it was the start?

Either way it was the fifth one in a row and on a Monday.  Funny how something only a few days ago has been erased from one’s memory through sheer exhaustion.  Hazy details are coming back to me.  It was here.  I just asked OH to guess where I had been and she reeled off a few venues – I couldn’t event remember this venue!

It’s beautiful.  The staff actually enjoyed their work. You could just tell.  As the girls polished cutlery and talked about lesbians.  I kept quiet and listened.

Sweetie table fit for an actress.  Well after all the bride was.  And then I wondered where the pictures were of the bouquet and realised she didn’t have a floral one.  So no bouquet in his post.

There were photos of a staircase, and the gardens, a library – I appear to have lost the ability to focus.  To be deleted and never appear in a post.

And recent customer requests.

1. Don’t put any crap in it.

2. Make me smile.

3. Can you add knitted dinausars.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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