The storm before the calm

Being a florist you get to see a bride before the day. Before the calm. Before the frock.  The look can be frazzled.  You may find one early morning sat on a bench wondering why the church hall isn’t open. And wondering when they’re going to get to hang the bunting.

They may have rollers in, maybe donning a dressing gown and a scrubbed face.  Come what may they will be worrying about all the little details.  Will the caterers turn up? Will all the favours look right on the table with all the other stuff? Will it rain? Will uncle Jim get leathered and make a fool of himself? Will everyone enjoy themselves? Will they remember the rings? Will they fit?…

And then there’s a moment when it comes together and they really stop worrying. And that’s the moment of calm.  And at that precise moment time speeds up and it’s all over and they’re left with fabulous memories of things they never envisaged.  It’s not all about going to plan, it’s about that the sheer enjoyment of it all. Relish it. Think of a dog rolling in a dead hedgehog – it’s that kind of lost in the moment moment.   Yeah that sums it up.




About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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