Nailed it

Apparently I ‘So nailed the brief’  Who knew.  I thought I was just having a nice time making stuff with flowers.

Have I said I like to give the appearance of a swan, all calm on the surface and peddling like a maniac underneath?  The bottles/vases/jugs transported well*  All 54 of them.  Maybe I should have called this blog Studio 54.  Ah well too far in now.  And Nailed it has such a romantic ring, no?

They had African Violet buttonholes. You’ll have to take my word for it, I forgot to photograph those.  But they are so on trend it’s untrue.  In fact I did take a photo of a quick mock up.  The official ones looked much better, they had rosemary in them, and love in the mist seed head for the groom.  It’s not quite a carnation wrapped in tin foil is it?  Readers, that’s what EVERYONE had in the olden days (1970s) take my word for it.  I have photographic evidence as a child with missing teeth.

* lies.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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