Frutti Tutti

A gift. What a glorious gift. Especially on a Saturday morning when I’m feeling a little peckish. From a lovely doctor, who grew them herself.  And a very fruity breakfast, with pancakes.  Blackberries, and a very small amount of plums from plot.  2012 will not be willing a gold medal for the plum harest.

And taking inspiration from nature. Yes, I did write that, in a non-pretentious-pretentious way. But I noticed the hollyhocks against a steely grey sky last week. Obvs didn’t have the camera, but thinking creamy lemons work so well with grey.

This week I’ve been challenged to find peach flowers. Wanted delphiniums and sweet peas. Replacements of roses and achillea, kinda stretching the brief somewhat.  Nature can be a cruel thing, especially when I’m trying to fulfill the design that’s in my head.  Oh to be an artist.

The brown crunchy dead stuff?  Peas of course.  Thank goodness for succession planning.  More to come.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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