Fun and games

Sure was for the caterer. A stolen generator might have caused a problem or two. 130 hungry people to feed.   I think it was sorted out tho.  A moment when one quietly works on the flowers and feels the tension from a distance.

Hey they had a bouncy…was going to say castle. But it’s not.  A bouncy thing from bounceville?  Resisted the urge, it was too warm.

And then a pleasant country drive, back through Buxton.  And chips and coffee in a layby. With bikers, cyclists, walkers and truckers.    Living the dream.

Oh, apparently when I’m blogging I’m supposed to put in key phrases so people can find me.  So, I really hope you like the photos of these stunning wedding florist creations, from a wedding florist, Manchester…..really??  Bollocks  to that. Please keep reading because you want to 🙂



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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