Purple haze

Purple and orange.  Best combo ever, no?

And passing on the seeds of love.  Wonder who will plant theirs? And who’s will languish in a drawer to be found 12 months later?

Twas the allotment annual show at the weekend.  Now in your mind you’re probably conjouring a bbq and table laden with all manner of fabulous veggie creations.  I was hoping for beetroot salad with mustard seed, broad beans with fresh garlic dressing, maybe a kohlrabi gratin.

None of that nonsense. Bowls of tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.  And the veggie bbq option?  Chicken…or lentil roast.  I clearly live in my own little bubble that thought hallumi might make an appearance.  OK, the moaning will cease.  I did however enjoy the vegetable auction.

Unless you have experienced it, you will never realise how much fun can to be had by bidding on a pointy cabbage (won), or some red duke of york potatoes (lost). And my fave moment was the chairman of the society asking for bids on two courgettes, which were clearly nobbly cucumbers (won).   Also came home with aubergines and chilli’s. So lots of yummy creations coming out of the kitchen this week.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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