Meet the team

Not quite sure what this image says about us?  What do you think?  There’s clearly a big show off. And a bit of girlyness shining through.  Ultimately they say ‘hard working’ hands to me.

Working hard creating magic. Like this.

Chilli’s. Rock. Craspedia, ditto. And it’s all looking very autumnal.

And a little old lady asked if we were expensive.  Of course we are my dear.   She did want to while away the hours imparting past knowledge of her career and top tips on floristry.  Which included create a silk version and use it for every wedding to save yourself some time.  There must be a reason for silks, but I’ve yet to work it out.  Please feel free to share.  Thank you.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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One Response to Meet the team

  1. Your team knows how to create magic, that’s for sure! I love the teapot floral arrangements. Great colours and mix of textures!

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