Geek Chic


In case there’s any doubt, I’m the geek. The flowers are chic.  I’m slightly obsessed with this man.  His car. His clothes even. But mostly his brain and his passion for all things arty.  My mind retains few facts. But once it does, boy it’s there for ever. So should I see greek/roman columns, I’ll be sure to shout ‘acanthus leaves’.

Similarly a dutch still life will glean the response ‘polychromatic’. Or some waffle along the lines of how that display would have been impossible to create so they painted each flower as it came in season.

And in 1905 Dairy Milk was launched, this is also known as the Edwardian period.  Amazing what you learn at flower school you know.  Go and find out for yourself.  Channel your inner geek. Here.

Oh and the eagle, kinda scary huh. It has it’s own microphone.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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