Wedding Fayre – 7 October 2012 – noon till 4pm

Note for your diary – 7  October 2012. Noon -4pm. Fletcher & Foley, 49 Old Hall Road, Sale Moor, Manchester M33 2HT.

I found some really fab people who do great wedding stuff.  No really really.  Stuff like this.

VW camper van – cool huh?  They turn up on the big day looking pretty stunning in 1950s frocks, and serve delish ice cream, with sprinkles and chocolatey bits and bobs. They even have wafers with your names on.  What’s not to like?

And then there’s Print for the Love of Wood.  The sort of invitations you just want to stare at, and keep on your mantel piece for six months.  OK everyone know’s a graphic designer, and it’s all digital blah blah.  Not this time – think Victorian letterpress. What do you mean you can’t imagine it?  Well Jacqui is bringing her mini original press along to show you.  And when I say mini…it weighs a ton and it’s not really that small

Ice cream, check.  Invitations, check.  What’s next.  Well you’ll need to look knockout too and as this fayre (that sounds very formal – think friends having a chit chat over a glass of fizz) is all about the individual. Yes, you.  So what would you like to wear – something made just for you.  In that particular shade of silk, maybe with that ribbon, edged in that different stuff maybe with a bit of print thrown in.  Let your imagination run wild with Kiku Boutique. Lynn will be thrilling us with her corsets, 1950s frocks and all manner of handmade beauties. Come see, really you must.

There will be more*, I can’t reveal all in one go now can I.  Now peeps go forth and tell everyone you know who is getting married.  Oh you are good to me.

*Note to self get arse into gear and organise other fabulous things.


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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2 Responses to Wedding Fayre – 7 October 2012 – noon till 4pm

  1. Cher says:

    Who supplies the camper?

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