Gay abandon

Look at that lady riding a cow!  Is it a cow?  Either way, that’s what I’d call gay abandon.  And when one turns up a venue and has to measure fireplaces for future decoration the technical way of doing it is to get someone to stand in front of it with arms outstretched.  None of that messing around with tape measures.

And a very rare self portrait. In fact a whole blog with glimpses of people.  What’s happening, I don’t ‘do’ people.  Much more prefer the solitary life of a gardener/plot bird life/anti-social misery who enjoys a good party, hipocrite.

Oh and how could I not comment on the car.  Now that’s what you call a 4×4. None of that silly shiny landrover nonsense.  Looks rather American.

Today a friend called in to ask about cheese.  Cheese to take to Italy. Where could she get some good stuff.  Here.   Followed by a chef who would like to create a bacon bouquet for a pop up restaurant.  He needs flower stems – I’m saving them for him. Personally I’d rather eat the stem, but hey you can’t please everyone.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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