Wedding Fayre – 7 October

Arse in gear, and as the date approaches, there’s lots to report.

Most importantly, there will be cake.  By the lovely Sugar Bun Sisters.

Print for the Love of Wood are busy, errr printing I guess.  But not content with just showing you the goods. You can even have a go on the victorian letterpress on the day.  Assuming it doesn’t fall through the floor because apparently it’s the weight of a small elephant.

Today I’ve had the sewing machine out.  And have complete admiration for anyone with this skill.  Apart from the fact I can’t even thread the machine, sewing a straight line is a challenge so how anyone can come up with something as unique and utterly gorgeous as this defies me.  And that’s what you want at a wedding something completely unique.  Made for just you, with all your little lumps, bumps and beautiful imperfections that your soon to be other half loves you for. So that’s what Kiku are up to.

Goody bags nearly finished.  They contain little pieces of paper that are a must have for any couple.  Trust me, you’ll want one.  Saying no more.

And on a final note, Helen at Ice Cream Dub had a little proposal of her own this week.  On a bar of chocolate no less, here.  So huge congratulations to you guys.  Chocolate, the way to every woman’s heart, no?





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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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