A little bit of history repeating

There’s something in a name. Pfaff.

Not naturally one of life’s great sewers. Transported back to high school and the trauma of completing the 3D elephant. Tidying up those edges to finish the project that seemed to have taken 6 months. And one SNIP and it has an irreprable V shape across it’s head.

Or the time I made a skirt. Again took forever, and as the teacher asked me to put it on to work out the length (about 2 feet too long) the humiliation of it not even fastening because I’d grown.  Wish I’d done woodwork instead.

This project? Slightly wonky muslin coverings for the back room of the shop. Worked surprisingly well.

And a little relaxed all white bride’s bouquet. For one of those girl’s who just pops in, thinks buttonholes cost £1 because they did in 1984.  How we laughed.  It may have even been suggested we could add tin foil to the stems.  Maybe this will be the next new trend in floristry?  Tin foil and carnations….what do you reckon?


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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