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The 70’s jug. Hideous? Or a family heirloom from your parents wedding?

Do all florists plan their own funeral flowers?  This week I’m going for texture, maybe with vegetables to reflect one’s personality. I do feel honoured to make something beautiful for someone’s funeral.   Today’s was a very stylish affair.  Rolls Royce hearse no less.  Beautiful.

And the ladders. Look at that detail.  Like a moustache.  Weighing in somewhere between a couple of goats and a baby elephant no wonder we now prefer aluminium.

Rant of the day.  Parents, please I implore you, stop asking for work for your precious little bundles of joy.  Especially if asked ‘oh are you interested in floristry’ the response is ‘No’.  Or ‘He’s a complete lazy arse’.






About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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