National Apple Day.  Not today you understand.  Missed the boat with that one, It was yesterday.  But none the less, worth a blog.

Crab apples in the shop, mixed with purple berries for bouquets.  And ‘spares’ some of the several hundred weight that fall off when making said bouquet.  Fill Kilner jars and make it look like a sweetie shop.

Not sure if I shared this info, but the shop used to be a sweetie shop.  I’m sure the parents of the local school children are thankful it isn’t any more.

And cookers.  You know my love of crumble so this week something different.  Eve’s pudding.  In a silly undersized pyrex number.  Doesn’t it look crazy.  Tasted fruity, but my preference still lies with the humble crumble.

In other apple news. The crab apple at the plot is looking firey. Sadly there are no other apples for us.  But this is worth a read for all apple lovers.  Get growing guys.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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