Potato Curry


OK, got you here under false pretenses.  That was dinner.  There are no photos. Just leftovers for lunch.  It had romanesco cauli too.

How does the mind work? What made me take these photos? Why are there none of people? Who knows. Maybe my photography skills are just too lacking. And I don’t like point and click.

This week, I’m just about back on track. A wedding here.  There may be a riot of colour. Muted is not a word this bride is familiar with.

This is the final wedding of the season.  And then we’re off.  Closing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.  To go here.  Christmas will arrive sometime around  1 December.  English foliages are ordered, the wreath making elves will be working their nimble little fingers to the bone creating majical wreaths of tree ivy, pepperleaf, silver eucalyptus berries, glossy camelia, you name it.  Just no plastic flowers, and definitely no polyribbon.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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