12 days to go

020 021 011 012 013 014

It’s just around the corner.  Not long now.  So close I’m looking at train times for the Christmas Eve dash across the country to, the country.  There’s no trains through London though, so it really is a cross country trip. ETA 9pm, making sure there’s no crossover with the big man himself.

Hoping it will warm up a bit. Apart from the fact that anything a little tropical is sulking, I was hoping to get to the plot and dig up a few leeks and parsnips.  Mrs F has been a star this week, after much moaning about cold feet a little present of thermal socks. Toasty.

Oh and Fletcher & Foley are celebrating. We’re two years old this week.  Can’t remember the exact date.  Now that was a cold year. 2010, snowy snowy snowy. Ice on the inside of the windows.

Also bought some Rye flour. Hoping to make some dark tasty bread on Sunday, lie in bed and rest up in preparation for the madness that is Christmas in a flower shop.  Joy to the World. x





About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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