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a venue takes…vision, passion and a giant van. The weekend was spent in a couple of toasty tents in Cheshire.  Talking to people about their weddings.  And discussing the latest theme with Sarah and Steve.  Thinking this Bohemian Dream could draw inspiration from Vita.  You know that kind of well travelled literary, gardener, arty type.  A bit of velvet, and maye a whole library.

And there was music.  Sting quartet. Know what you’re thinking.  Stuffy? Classical? Foo Fighters and Elbow. Adele, Amy Winehouse and La Gaga.   Seriously good stuff. Perfect for a Wedstival.

Oh and the lifsaving Andrea (carrier of pins for buttonholes and a milliion other things that everyone forgets at a weddng). It’s all in the planning you know.  And what she doesn’t know about weddings – a complete mine.

It seems to have snowed all weekend to no avail. Lots of snow, but thin on the ground in Manchester.  Ah well, we moan when it’s thick and troublesome and we moan when it’s not.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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One Response to Dressing

  1. Thanks for the lovely mention Joanne!! It was fab to see you on Sunday and eat cake with you!!xxxx

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