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Today I skipped.  Not in a gym. Not with a rope. No, one of those silly skips that makes a grown woman look deranged. There were crocus in a garden, the sun was shining and it was a moment.  One … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

This year it’s all about light and dark.  White and purple. Totally on trend of course. Tulips, clematis, daucus, roses, ranunculus, anemones with ferns. Light & Dark £30, £40, £50. Call 0161 962 7341. It will be gift wrapped, not … Continue reading

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Go on

If there’s a bride out there who really fancies a wheat and white calla bouquet. Please get in touch.  I really fancy doing one.  In fact I’d like a bride who says ‘I give you complete creative freedom’. Wishful thinking?  … Continue reading

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Friday Night Dinner

The joys of being a florist. Pick up a few freesia as you close up. Because you can. And dinner. Chinese chilli cashew chicken and prawn fried rice, with organic cider.  It’s been one of those weeks. There was love … Continue reading

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You Sexy Thing

As florist to the stars, Valentine’s isn’t a day for lazy wining and dining and being wooed.  It’s for donning thermals, resembling a whirling dervish.  So a pre-valentine’s gift  is oh so special. Time to savour. And my goodness these … Continue reading

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Lady Marmalade

Question, tell me what you think about me? I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings…rediscovering the album.  And in case you think I’m stuck in the past this, this and  definately THIS. Real question.  Apart from … Continue reading

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A peg or two

This blog should, theoretically be called ‘Berylisms’. Which to the uninitiated means those strange little comments built up over a lifetime.  Beryl was my mum.  So here we have Berylism number 1. Me: Mum guess what Jane’s degree is in, … Continue reading

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