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Today I skipped.  Not in a gym. Not with a rope. No, one of those silly skips that makes a grown woman look deranged. There were crocus in a garden, the sun was shining and it was a moment.  One where you remember winter actually ends.  I was happy, carefree, and had just delivered a bouquet to a lady who was thrilled.

I made the little headband for a flower girl. Trying out new techniques, it’s made out of aluminum wire, so weighs nothing. Can be bent to fit the child’s head. Much better than those hard metal frames that stick into your head and cause searing pain once removed.  Win win.

And three week old amaryllis.  Is this what people mean by ‘long lasting’?

This week is the calm before the storm of Mother’s Day.  It’s the 10th March. Some florists have fabulous window displays – we have nothing. Yet. Arse and gear are words that spring to mind.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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