Message in a bottle

005 008 009 011What a collection.  One of our bride’s popped in with several large boxes filled with the most thrilling glass bottles.  From places as exotic as ‘Macclesfield’ and ‘Stockport’.  Bring on Easter, because I get to fill them all with beautiful seasonal flowers.

And today I had a truly inspiring afternoon.  Spent with a whole host of flower growers, florists and general flower enthusiasts. Over tea and cake we talked about everything from social media, how to promote British flowers, wedding flowers, seasonality, what florists want, how to market them… to be honest we could have talked for hours.  We kind of did. And swapped numbers and contact details.  It was a great first event organised by the lovely Charlie of the Natural Wedding company.

So if there are any other flowery folk out there, please get in touch and come along to the next meeting.  And I’ve got some new contacts, which means more British flowers for our customers in the coming months.  That plus a new kettle purchase on the way home equals one happy florist.



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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One Response to Message in a bottle

  1. Hi Joanne, really good to meet you at the #britishflowers NW get-together today – I’m the Stockport grower or Watch the flowers grow on FB and @flowerythings on twitter. Do have a look at my FB page although I wouldnt say my style is out there yet as this is me first year of ‘proper’ flower growing. Infact, I’d still say I’m testing the waters as far as what to grow goes. Anyway, I really wanted to say that I love the pics and topics on your blog – although tonight i’ve only briefly scanned being a bit shattered and need to sleep to tackle digging tomorrow!. But how lovely to see a pic of a bun that I would eat – you couldn’t pay me to eat one of those sickly cup cakes that everyone and her mum seems to rave about. Hope to meet again soon…ooo if you sell greetings cards I may pop over with some samples of mine. Bye for now, Lesley (Stevenson)

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