When Gerberra’s were cool


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1994 apparently.  There you have it in black and white, or gold and red.  A vision of Christmassy lovelyness, no? Are they due a revival?  Will they ever be cool again? Who knows. Just don’t ask for them in a brial bouquet this week please.

There has been DIY going on today.  A carpet removed from a room full of …stuff, junk, memories…call it what you will.  A visit to the local tip.  Always a highlight of anyone’s weekend. As the endless stream of cars roll up, each carrying some  item of…let’s call it ‘home gym’ equipment.  Those little floor rocker things that are supposed to give one abs of steel.  Yeah?

And a trip to the plot.  First of he season’s rhubarb.  Last of the leeks and parsnips.

In the room of junk, I found these cards.  Let’s say I’ve had them for many years.  I still love looking at them.  The little illustrations, the lovely cottage.  Cute.  Plus a hilarious letter from a friend from 2006.  Do other people put this stuff instantly in the bin? Are they more or less ordered than me?  On the grand spectrum of hoarding, I would possibly say I’m nearer the minimalist than the obsessive compulsive hoarder.  But not that near



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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