Sowing the seeds

008002 007 016 017 of love.  What to do with those British grown scented Narcissi?  Early Cheerfulness and Avalanche.  Mix them with even more scent. Lily of the Valley and Freesia.

So how’s your Easter been?  Did you get lots of eggs?  I will be tucking into my Wispa egg in a moment.  Thought it wise to eat a proper breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled egg first.

And then onto the sowing.  The mini greenhouse is now stuffed to the rafters.  Really should get one’s arse into gear and take advantage of the offer of a free greenhouse.  Still need to work on levelling an area for it to sit on, and then the challenge of moving it.  In the meantime, the sweet peas in buckets are doing surprisingly well on the window sill.  And the seed list covers everything cottage gardeny.  Nigella, Cornflower, Snapdragons, Larkspur and Cosmos.

What I am excited about is the prospect of getting my hands on some Verbena from a local grower later in the summer.  The soft long stems that wave and float through a garden, creating that feel of movement.  At home I have a pathetic single plant – not necessarily waving as drowning? Downing in a sea of sycamore tree roots and shade.

Yesterday was crazy busy, with everyone wanting a little piece of spring.  Or to talk about their wedding – so, one out of the door and another three to consider.  I have yet to convince people of the idea of asparagus (not the fern, the veg) and rosy red apples with red roses.  What I really need to do is just make something, photograph it, stick it on Pinterest.  Voila a trend is born.



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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