Spring Brides

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I thought this blog should offer some advice on floral bouquets for the Spring bride.

Spring bouquets, to my mind, offer the best of all scents.  If scent is a must for you, try the following:

Freesia, Muscari, Lily of the Valley, Hyacinths and Narcissi.

A word of note.  I have had customers complain about the scent of Hyacinths – they can be overpowering.  So if you are looking to include them in table decorations, maybe keep the quantities down.  Scent is a very personal thing too.  You know about the ‘wee’ comment.  Nuff said.

Lily of the Valley is very pretty. But short.  Not great in buttonholes either.  But beautiful in table displays, use a small number to give a hint of luxury.   Grace Kelly had it for a reason. It’s super stylish, and for those with expensive taste.

If it’s colour you’re after, spring can certainly offer some zing.  Whether that comes from the brightest yellows of the Narcissi, or vibrant orange Freesia, through to deep bluey purple hyacinths.

And then how could I have got so far through this post without mentioning the stunning Ranunculus.  Soft, girly, looks like a smaller peony, crossed with a poppy.  Delicate tissue paper petals.  Again comes in a vast array of colours to suit everyone.  From the brightest egg yolk yellow through peach, pinks, reds, deep lilacs, and bone china white.  Beautiful.

As Spring moves on, we get into the realms of Lilac.  Which comes in Lilac (colour) and white.  Lilac lilac, it can get confusing.

Tulips, nearly forgot them – just had to stand up from the computer and scan the shop.  They droop. They carry on growing. They are the bad boys of unruly behavior.  And we should love them for it.  You can swirl them around pots. Have them to create great shapes in an arrangement, one that’s a little disorderly. Fabulous.  Some are ruffly, some are double, some are parrots, and some are so bright you need sunglasses.  Some so subtle they could be in a dutch still life that’s centuries old.  Oh, and they squeek.

Anemones.  The best picture of Anemones I’ve seen in a long while comes care of this lady in America – now if I could grow them like that….ah one can wish.

And then there’s the ‘other’ stuff.  Pussy willow, blossom branches, magnolia, helebores, cyclamen  – and if you can forage for this type of stuff, especially from your own garden, you can achieve some truly magical crazy looks.

So you know that saying about Summer bride’s having the pick of the bunch?  Bollocks!


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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2 Responses to Spring Brides

  1. Noeleen Ross says:

    Brilliant! Love your posts, always to the point, and I totally agree!

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