Come on, Come on

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It’s Anenome’s a go go. And the never opening Freesia.  This was left in the window to warm in the sun.  Taken home and snuggled in next to the toasty radiator.  Brought back and made up and put back in the warmth of the sun.  It was a tough call, but we got there.  And such a pretty posy for a little bridemsaid.  I’m quite partial to a single flower posy.  A mix of double and singles.

Got me thinking about weddings.  And then I remembered this.  The funniest wedding photo ever no?  Yes, it is the groom that has been cut from the centre of the photo.  I knew the bride, except when I knew her she had no teeth and oxygen tank.

Also knew the little bridesmaid to the left, now she was a sweetie, partial to a gin or two.  Reckon it’s 1940.  But bridesmaids with veils?  Was this a regular occurance in the day?  I have no idea.  Looks like it’s shot on a film set too.  Funny ha ha.

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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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