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It’s asparagus time again.  The first British grown of the season arrived in my veg box this week.  And like most sane people, I took it to work and made a bouquet with it.  The spears are just so pretty.  Admittedly you can’t actually see it in the bouquet.  You have to look real close.

Sometimes things arrive in the shop and I grab a whole bunch and just think ‘yeah that would be amazing as a bouquet, just that on it’s own’.  The scilla looks good, as does the lilac. To my mind though, texture and scent are perhaps my top two.  Oh and that new ribbon.  The pretty silky one with a green and black stripe.  Won’t be using it again – silky doesn’t work too well.  Oh well you live and learn.

Two ladies stood outside the shop ooohing and aaahhhhing today.  I invited them in.  I’m that kind of girl.  There has also been the chance to think this week.  Which is always a terrifying prospect where I take on too much work, have grand plans and generally want to change everything we ever do.  So forewarned is forearmed, no?



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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