007 009 012 013 014 015 017of the job.  Once in a while it’s good to take time and live in the moment.  Having delivered the wedding flowers, to the tent that was being put up a day late because of gale force winds. And the groom was showing a little concern about the big day.  His concern?  Will the tent be up in time to put the beer in?  Apparently it needed to settle.  See we all have priorities and expectations.  Just not all the same.

I digress.  I’m a city girl. But I love escaping for a few hours.  A leisurely lunch at the pub did it.  One of those pubs that has a wood burning stove. And french tourists making enquiries about ‘trifle?’.  None of the gastro nonsense. Just good food.  Mrs F plumped for the lamb rump and my slightly pink (just how I like it) tuna steak with red onion chutney hit the mark.  A wood burning stove took the edge off the nip of the day.

And ducks – with a duck pond of course.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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