This much I know

002 004 005066 070things I have learnt this week.

1. If you are an attractive 20 something who joins a dating site, you will receive at least two pictures of male genetalia within the first month.

2. A piece of sticky tape with words written on it does not necessarily mean action will be taken.  For example ‘police line, do not cross’ will invariably mean that somebody will indeed cross.  And as we can see from the pictorial evidence above, ‘please handle with care’ clearly means ‘bash to buggery with a fork lift truck’.

3. Nobody wants scented narcissi at the end of April.  They are clearly bored shitless by them and want ‘Spring’ to be over and done with and lets just move straight on to summer please.

4. Sat nav’s last approximately 2.75 years before ceasing to be of any discernable use.  Not impressed by this last revelation.

I am however impressed by the thought of a whole box of Cornish Scilla arriving on Wednesday.  Ah the delights of the seasons moving in the right direction.




About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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