Sowing & Sewing

001 002 003 005 006 007 008The window sills are crazy full at the moment.  Amaranthus, free  seeds from a plot friend. Coming up nicely.  I have no idea where they will go at the plot, or what position they like. All will be revealed by looking it up in a book/web.

Basil, last year’s was pathetic. This year it looks relatively happy.  And dahlia’s from seed. I have lots and lots.  Exciting times.

And other projects in the household.  A fisherman’s gansey made in the round.  Mrs F is making it for herself.  I may have to steal it.  She’s also been inspired by this.  Have you seen the pattern?  That sheet of paper that looks like a town planner had a few too many on a Saturday night.  Mental.  If you can follow one of those you should be able to work for Nasa or run the country.  Stuff of nightmares for those who only know about potting compost and how to cut flowers.

Tomorrow brings a meeting at a farm. Wonder what type, will it be wellies and pong, or rolling hills and landrovers?  I’ll let you know.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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