This much I know

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There was an ‘incident’ at a pawnbrokers.  It called for flowers to make sure everyone ‘kept smiling’.

A call from Sydney was drowned out by the ambulance siren. It made the caller feel home sick, because the only siren’s she heard were shark.

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Do you remember when railings where this dangerous?  There was a boy called Gary. In 1978. He wore very big flares. He gingerly climbed over, caught the hem and was speared through the foot.  Ah memories of childhood.  All rose tinted, no?  I kindly gifted him a box of Malteasers.  He took the piss for years.  I never understood that.

Much like the old lady who doesn’t like my flowers.  But still orders them.  Strange, but true. And yes, it’s too early for sunflowers.  But not for scilla.  I’m a soft touch.





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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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